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Bar Supplies & Accessories


The BULLET Cocktail Shaker

 "Famous art deco design of the 1930's returns in gleaming stainless steel"

  • The perfect shaker for martinis, margaritas, etc.
  • Packaged in see-through cylinder  
  • Polished 18/8 stainless steel
  • In 28-ounce and 16-ounce sizes

28 oz. $29.99



16 oz $24.99



The Wing Machine

"It's the next big (wine) thing"

  • A totally new cork-pulling device with visible gears and automatic shift 
  • Automatic shift locks thin, non-stick spiral in place
  • First wing-type corkscrew that never damages a cork
  • Two-handed leverage levitates cork with ease
  • Flexible catches adjust to all bottle sizes
  • Press gear button for cork removal





The Rabbit™ Corkscrew

"The ultimate cork-pulling machine - now with
10-year Warranty"

  • Faster than a speeding bunny
  • Pulls a cork in 3 seconds flat
  • Automatically releases cork
  • User-friendly ergonomic design
  • Opens any size wine bottle
  • Design award winner (IDEA 2001 Award by Business Week and Industrial Designers Society of America; GOOD DESIGN Award of Chicago Athenaeum Museum)
  • All gear teeth made of hardened metal
    Tested for 20,000 cork pulls by independent laboratory *
  • 10-year Warranty

*Test assumed replacement of spiral (worm) after 800-1,000 cork pulls.


The Rabbit Corkscrew comes in this handsome "Rabbit Hutch" Separate foil cutter included
Convenient storage case for Rabbit Corkscrew and Foil Cutter

Retail price: $80.00
Item #: 6004








Chrome or brass plated body with a dark wooden handle. Attaches to wall for easy wine bottle opening.

$141.61 chrome plated








"Ice-O-Mat" Ice Crusher

   "From out of the past comes a masterpiece of art-deco design"

  • Exact replica of a famous 1939 deco design
  • Featured on the TODAY show the day after its introduction
  • Makes both coarse and fine crushed ice
  • Use custom stainless cup (included) or crush directly into a glass
  • Ideal for frozen margaritas and daiquiris and to serve food on a bed of ice
  • All metal, no plastic parts
  • Lifetime warranty on moving parts
  •  White









Four-Compartment Economy Bar Caddy

Caddy is a one-piece molded four-compartment design. The base is made of polyethylene with a clear polystyrene lid. The lid can be imprinted with company name or logo.

Case quantity: 1 each, sold per each.

CR1380   $11.99



Six-Compartment Bar Caddy with Inserts

Holds your garnishes in a convenient to use and easy to store container. Six pint inserts included. Caddy color is black, with clear easy to see through lid.

Case quantity: 1 each, sold per each.

CR5002   $45.36




Six-Compartment Bar Organizer

Designed to hold napkins, coasters, straws and stir rods, etc. Black Polystyrene, easily imprinted with company name or logo.

Case quantity: 12 each, sold per each.

CR1270   $5.85




Bar Rail Mats

A one piece bar mat and shot glass holder. The 24" length helps eliminate seams where a longer straight format is desired. They are easily cleaned in the sink. Made of thermoplastic..






Plastic multi-measure double sided Jigger. Accurately calibrated at the seven most popular pour volumes; 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/4, 1-1/2 & 2 oz. Clear Polystyrene with full circle calibration marks makes this the easiest to use and the best two-sided jigger anywhere.

CR1800    $3.99


Kover-All Dust Cap

Made of a soft, flexible Polyurethane, the Kover-All Dust Cap fits a wide assortment of pourer brands with or without a collar. This is an ideal universal fit dust cover for control of insects and debris.

Case quantity: 6 dozen, sold per dozen only.

CR300   $6.50 dz



Universal Cover

This protective cover fits all one piece Betterway style pourers. Available in smoke colored Polystyrene.

Case quantity: 6 dozen, sold per dozen only.

CR300SC $7.50 dz




Margarita & Bloody Mary Salt

Add to the festive atmosphere of your favorite occasion with colored salts. The bright colors add a great touch to the glass of several popular drinks.  Each comes in a six-ounce container. Also available in traditional white.  Salts won't stain skin.

Case quantity: ea12 ch, sold per 1 each.

Colors available:  blue, green, orange, red, yellow.

CR102   $5.41 ea



Solid plastic Muddler Rod. Easy to clean, non-porous material. Large 3/4" diameter head and handle. Black only.

Case quantity 6 each, sold per each.

CR1240   $1.99




Glass Rimmer (formerly Margarita Made Easy) is the perfect answer for your Rimmer needs.  CR is proud to announce our re-designed glass rimmer. We have incorporated a new easy latch closure; easy removal of the trays, a new modern surface finish, molded in insert for custom molded in logos and reduced part weight. The three-tray rimmer design provides a sponge/chamber for dampening the glass rim plus salt and one additional tray for sugar or spices.  The compact space saving design is large enough for nearly all glass sizes, but folds closed and latches into small covered unit for easy storage.

Case quantity:  12 each, sold per each.

CR100   $12.99


Replacement Sponges for the Marga-Ezy are also available.



A handy plastic storage jar with a dispenser spout. The long neck is designed for the speed rail or refrigerator well. Complete unit consists of a base, neck, spout, and lid. Neck and spouts are available in five colors. Bases are available in translucent white only. Custom imprinting on the Pour-MorÒ base is available.

Case quantity: 12 each, sold per each.

CR1350 pint,   $5.94


CR1351 quart,   $5.99


CR1352 1/2 gallon,   $8.18


CR1353 1 gallon   $8.95


Replacement Necks, Spouts and Lids are also available


Cocktail Strainer

The four-prong cocktail strainer fits inside a shaker which strains through the wire coil.

Case quantity: 6 each, sold per each.

CR1261  $2.39



Sword & Arrow Picks

Popular 3-1/2" sword and arrow picks for use in fruit, hors d'oeuvres, sandwiches, drinks, etc. Packed in 10,000 count cartons. Available in an assortment of five transparent colors: two thousand each of red, green, yellow, and purple, or five opaque colors in red, green, blue, yellow, and black. Also available in 10,000 count of individual colors: red, green, blue, yellow, and black.

Case quantity: 10pks of 1,000, sold per 1,000 min. 1000

CR500-ARROW PICK   $4.40



CR501-SWORD PICK   $5.10




BetterwayÒ Pourers

The original one-piece pourer. Made with memory set Ultrathane. A short rinse in warm water will restore the shape of the pourer cork to ensure leak-proof fit in a new bottle. BetterwayÒ pourers are available in many vibrant colors.

Case quantity: 12 dozen, sold per dozen only

CR301-CR320   $2.75



Ezy-Way Pourer®

The Ezy-Way® Pourer is a standard free pouring "3" count volume pourer.  It is designed with a smooth flowing SAN nozzle and a memory set Ultrathane cork, chromed nozzle with black collar.

Case quantity:  1 dozen, sold per dozen only.

CR377   $15.99 DZ




(Portion Control Pourer.) The genuine Posi-Pour for accurate mechanical metering. Available with red spouts and can be ordered with or without a black collar.

Case quantity:  1 dozen, sold per dozen only.  

$69.00 dz


Posi-Pour 2000

An improved mechanical valve system gives the Posi-Pour 2000 its smooth accurate pour action. Available with clear spout only with a black collar.

Case quantity:  1 dozen, sold per dozen only.  

$72.00 dz



Pro-Flo® Measured Pourer

The Pro-Flo® offers a unique and accurate air displacement pour principle. With improved flow and faster cycling speed, the clog-free accuracy of the Pro-Flo® is achieved without ball bearings. No ball bearings means there are no moving parts, making this Pourer very easy to clean. The modern styling of the Pro-Flo® is sleek and is almost indestructible. The Pro-Flo® is available in sizes ranging from 5/8 oz. to 1-1/2 oz. The Pro-Flo® replaces the Magic Flo® Pourer.

Case quantity: 1 dozen, sold per dozen only.

CR440-CR446   $48.99 dz




Whiskygate  Pourers

The original non-screened Whiskygate® pourers delivers a steady pour even with a protective screen. The collars and nozzles of the Whiskygate® series of pourers are made of scratch and break resistant SAN plastic and are fitted to a memory set Ultrathane cork giving the pourer a leak proof fit in plastic or glass bottles.   Many colors and options available.

Case quantity: 12 dozen, sold per dozen only.

CR200R-CR210R   $6.99 dz




Whiskygate Screened Pourer

Provides the legendary WhiskygateÒ pourer with the added protection of a screen. Spout is larger in diameter so the flow won't be restricted as is the case with many screened pourers. Many colors and option available.

Case quantity: 12 dozen, sold per dozen only.

CR198SC-CR205SC   $9.69




Bar Service Mats

Service mats designed to aid in distinguishing reserved areas for waitstaff. The mats are ribbed with a molded-in title. They simply wash clean with detergent and cloth. The mats are durable and resistant to tears, providing long-lasting wear. Made of solid vinyl rubber. Each style is black with red title. Dimensions: 12"x18".

Case quantity:  1 each, sold per each.

CR754 Service Only Mat,   $25.29


CR754W Waitress Only Mat   $25.29


Bottle Opener

Heavy-duty stainless steel, paddle style bottle opener. Can be imprinted.

Case quantity:  12 each, sold per each.

CR1277   $2.59



Wall Mount Bottle Opener

Heavy duty cast wall opener. The opener mounts securely to a wall or other surfaces with hardware provided with each opener. This opener can be imprinted with company name or logo.

Case quantity:  12 each, sold per each.

CR1278   $4.59



Bottle Well

Individual bottle well units fit into the bar ice bin. Bottles and storage containers will stay cool, but out of contact with the ice. Two designs for square and round bottles. Made of polyethylene and available only in black.

Case quantity:  12 each, sold per each.

CR2400 Round Bottle Well,    $4.95


CR2401 Square Bottle Well   $4.95



Flat Ball Cocktail Stir Rods

6" long flat surface stir rods with a ball end. Black high impact polystyrene. Excellent item for imprinting.

Case quantity:  10pk of 500 per case, sold per 1000 (min. 5000)

CR535BLK   $9.45 cs of 500



Drain Extensions

A non-corrosive plastic standpipe. Drain extensions provide a drain seal to maintain proper water depth. The pipe diameter is compatible with our drain funnels and bar drain tray. The pipes are made of polyethylene. The adapter is made of Ultrathane.

Case quantity:  6 each, sold per each.

CR700 8" Drain Extension (8" pipe for 1" to 1-3/8" diameter drain),   



CR701 10" Drain Extension (10-1/2" pipe for 1-1/4" to 1-3/4" diameter drain)  




Drain Funnels

A large 1-1/2 quart, 7" diameter funnel. This funnel is available with optional screening mesh to keep waste material from clogging drain lines. Compatible with our drain extension on this page. Made of polyethylene and available in black only.

CR801 Drain Funnel, Black;   




CR803 Drain Funnel, Black, medium screen;




CR804 Drain Funnel, Black, course screen  




Standard Funnel

Funnel used for transferring liquids to storage containers and other applications. Made of polyethylene, in black only. Holds eight ounces of liquid.

CR807 4" Diameter Funnel (8 oz.)   





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